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A short humorous paranormal horror story in which Tamara has a few days off work so she grabs her keys, credit cards and her little dog and hits the road for a spontaneous roadtrip. She tries to dismiss her growing paranoia, but it just keeps getting worse.


It couldn't have anything to do with that weird little bone her her dog dug up out of the garden ... could it?  






What is it to be a priestess and a queen but a life of service to the people and the gods?


Historic legend tells how Hercules stole the Golden Girdle of War from the Amazon Queen, Hippolyte, at the command of King Eurytheus. 


Here is the other side of the story.




Curse of The Thunder Jewel

Half-elven Daleena, the Dragonlord's consort, and Joren, a hero for hire ... If he follows her home, does she have to keep him?


Given the chance to attain all she’s never dared to dream of, will Daleena throw it away, choosing instead to wander alongside her hero? 



33 Worst Mistakes Writers Make About Horses

Avoid 33 common mistakes writers make about horses that drive riders crazy.


This book answers key questions non-horseman don't know they need to ask, offering clear answers for simple issues and research terms for more complex ones. Each of the 33 Mistakes are explained in clear layman's terms in this quick and hard hitting 10,000 words.


As both a rider and a writer, the author offers real world examples and conflicts rather than simply explaining what's proper. Whether you write fantasy, historical or contemporary fiction, these simple points can easily add layers and depth, a line at a time, and help hook reading horse-lovers into your stories. 





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